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Advanced Dental Technology

Our goal at Alexandria Dental Care is to not just fix problems

Our goal at Alexandria Dental Care is to not just fix problems but prevent future ones from occurring, and to this end our office utilizes advance dental technology. We utilize High-Tech diagnostic equipment such as:

Digital X-rays

Computerized x-rays that use less radiation.

Laser Dentistry

Picasso: No shot No drill No pain

Dr. Lu offers advanced laser dentistry, which allows our Alexandria laser dentist to have greater control over their tools, and enables her to fix problem areas without damaging the tissue surrounding the tools for less pain. Dr. Lu generally recommends laser procedures for patients that are usually anxious during their dental appointment. Using the Picasso laser makes certain dental procedures more comfortable and safer with less recovery time.

There are many benefits for our patients who choose a laser dental procedure. Using a laser often does not require stitches, as other tools if used our dentist would require to cuts into the area and then the need to stitch it back up. This does not have to be done with Picasso laser dentistry.


A small laser cavity detector

We recommend the latest advances in decay prevention such as fluoride therapy, sealants and nutritional counseling for adults and children.

  • Fluoride Therapy for adults and children
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Sealants

Our hygienists are skilled in periodontal therapy and the use of medicinal adjuncts to treat periodontal disease.