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Sleep Apnea Dentistry

Millions of people suffer from obstructive sleep apnea and snoring

Millions of people suffer from obstructive sleep apnea and snoring, struggling to find effective, simple treatments to resolve their problem. Sleep apnea dentistry and oral appliance therapy may be the ideal solution. A proven, highly effective treatment for obstructive sleep apnea, oral appliance therapy may finally enable you to get restorative, rejuvenating rest.

During your visit to Alexandria Dental Care, Dr. Lu will thoroughly evaluate your throat, neck and head and medical history to assess your situation. After establishing an accurate diagnosis, Dr. Lu determines the most effective and appropriate treatment options to resolve your apnea or snoring condition.

We work closely with our patients to select the most comfortable and effective oral appliance therapy, assess their progress and guide patients through the entire process to ensure the best treatment options.

“My wife always complained about my sleep apnea. I wasn’t sure what to do, until I saw Dr. Lu and her team, and now my wife and I sleep much better. Thank you, Dr. Lu.”

– Richard, Old Town, VA

Custom-made mandibular advancement devices (MADs) fit snugly bu comfortably over both the lower and upper teeth to hold the lower jaw forward slightly. This opens your airways to restore normal breathing as you rest. We also offer tongue retaining devices (TRDs) that move the tongue forward using gentle suction.

Dr. Lu will work with you to determine which oral appliance will best treat your apnea and snoring. The choice of appliance is based on the severity of your apnea, the jaw’s range of motion, your jaw and bite structure, the health of your gums and teeth and other factors. We use our expertise and experience to guide you toward the most comfortable and effective appliance to suit your individual needs. The result is better rest at night, feeling more alert and aware during the day and a significant reduction in snoring.