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Multiple Teeth Replacement

Although nothing is better than your own permanent teeth

Although nothing is better than your own permanent teeth, dental implants by far are one of the best options to replace multiple missing teeth.

For patients who need to have multiple teeth replaced. Dental implants are successfully used to replace an entire upper or lower jaw which has no teeth at all. They are a very effective means of stabilizing full lower dentures. Dental implants feel and look natural causing you to forget that you even have dentures.

“Excellent care and results with my teeth replacement in Alexandria Dental Care.”

– Cindy, Alexandria, VA

Dental implants provide an attractive alternative to other tooth replacement methods and give our patients beautiful, long-lasting smiles. Questions on dental implants? Refer to our dental implant Learning Center.

If you’re at all interested in improving your smile with dental implants, be sure to make your appointment with our Alexandria Implant Dentist by calling 703 585 2688, or by using our contact page. Please let the receptionist know that you are interested in dental implant treatment.