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Sedation Dentistry

Dr. Lu – Dental Sedation for Apprehensive Patients

If you are or have been nervous about going to the dentist for a dental check up or to get some needed dental treatment, Alexandria Dental Care is perfectly suited to your needs. Our professional and caring dental team is experienced in creating a calm and soothing environment for all of our patients.

Dr. Lu understands that some patients are anxious about their visit to the dentist. Dr. Lu and her professional team are intimately familiar with the apprehensions that patients of all ages feel, so we go to great lengths so you can feel relaxed and comfortable in our environment. A combination of a caring team and the latest dental technology provides individualized care in a dental care environment in which our patients can feel comfortable. We provide a range of tools to aid our patients during treatment.

Nitrous Oxide Gas

Our practice offers certain anesthetics for patients when requested in order to handle difficult procedures. Nitrous oxide is a relaxing gas that soothes patients and enables them to relax and experience a pleasant state instead of the discomfort of a dental procedure.

“I have been always scared of going to the dentist, ever since I was young. But with sedation dentistry from Dr. Lu, I was able to relax during my dental appointments and finally get the dental care I needed.”

– Alex, Arlington, VA

Oral Sedation Dentistry

Under oral sedation dentistry, Dr. Lu’s patients are given an oral sedative, which puts them into a very drowsy, sleepy state, but they are not unconscious.

Sometimes referred to as “sleep” or “relaxation” dentistry, the terms describe the sensations most patients experience during their oral sedation appointments. Oral sedation allows Dr. Lu to help patients become as comfortable as possible.