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Dentistry for Children

Dr. Lu – Northern Virginia Dentist

Caring for Children’s Dental Health.

Dr. Lu is a dentist with training in treating dental problems in children and helping ensure them a healthy beautiful smile. We provide a warm and caring environment, and are experienced is treating the unique dental needs of children, and can help to allay their fears of a first visit to the dentist. Whether a toddler or older child, our dental services protect your child from early tooth decay.

After treatment, Dr. Lu can also suggest to parents any steps necessary to prevent oral habits, such as thumb, finger, or pacifier habits, from causing any long term ill effects with your child’s dental health or development.

“My son was afraid of going to the dentist, but with the excellent care he received from Dr. Lu he isn’t afraid anymore, and doens’t mind getting his check ups.”

– Jessica, Arlington, VA

Our office professionals are trained to provide the care necessary to ensure your child enters adulthood with a strong, healthy mouth. Our goal is to help your child develop good dental habits and enjoy overall dental health.